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An old/new question
« on: December 01, 2013, 07:31:57 AM »
Hi all ,
I want to ask about masters in robotics , I want  to apply for a good program , mainly master of engineering .
I am Egyptian , I have more than 2 years of work exp. in software development , 1 year in Information Technology Institute (Java web and enterprise applications) and the other in IBM Egypt .
My GPA is equivalent to 73% (don't know if this is exactly 3.0/4 or not) , still applying for TOEFL , let's say i can get a 100+ score .
I searched a lot and I knew a short list of top universities , but i don't want to search for top 5 or 10 universities ,
what i want specifically :
-I'm searching for a good university with 1-2 year masters program of engineering , it should be in the (10-25) rank among USA or UK universities .
-I want to be specialized in mobile robots , so the masters program I'm searching for should help me with this .
-I am focusing on the practical experience that i can gain from masters and how can this help me with my career after that more than the rank of the university .

If any body has experience with this (specialized field) and its industry in USA or UK... please help :)
Thanks .
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