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Classifieds allowed? Team requests?
« on: December 21, 2013, 12:29:09 AM »
Okay everybody, I have no idea what I'm doing.
Let's see... I have autism, and my mind specializes in concepts. Anything I want a concept for, my mind creates it automagically, sort-of. I'm all over the internet because I've been studying relationships... nevermind all that... Also, I'm a bit insane. Nevermind that either.
I happen to be obsessed with how the mind works, as well as robotics engineering! YAY! I am enlightened, and don't care about money, and I don't have much either! I will never ask for money. Oh, and I have a photographic memory and I am a great test taker.

Here's my problem though: I'm a bit absent minded, and my vision and body are somewhat frail, I need someone who is very resourceful with a very organized mind, and possibly very punctual in order to help me see my goals through to the finish. I find travelling in vehicles to be extremely challenging to my health, as well as communicating via audio and video. Because of this, I have barely been able to get my GED, although I got into the 99th percentile... If my parents hadn't been busy working at dead end jobs all their lives, they may have been able to afford a caretaker or a home tutor, but no such luck.
I also am non-social. I don't care about entertainment or having fun. My only idea of fun is (thinking about and talking about and implementing) innovation and progress in any area with practical applications.

I'm willing to do one of two things: I could travel somewhere and live there, and if my needs are met, I will create amazing stuff for free. I could also invite someone into my family home to help me out for free, and if things work out, we will make amazing things of all kinds using some of my accelerated development concepts.

As it is, I've been developing all sorts of conceptual techniques to create artificial intelligence and accelerated programming development systems, as well as designing structural enhancements and solutions to mechanical challenges. I only have a few days out of each month to do any serious organized thinking, and I am far too obsessed with efficiency and reducing costs to finish anything, I just keep partially making a better version until I imagine an even better one. I've even figured out how to get all of the parts to make a robot for free in unlimited quantities by repurposing trash like aluminum foil, and crafting out of rolled up magazine pages and wood glue.

Well, anyways, if this opportunity has any merit to anyone, please consider at least offering me some advice. My health is still slowly deteriorating due to my low self management aptitude.


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