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[advertisement] New Robotic Components
« on: February 06, 2014, 04:07:36 PM »

Parallel Tube Clamps:

Adding to our large selection of tubes and accessories, we’ve now added Parallel Tube Clamps. These aluminum tube clamps currently come in 5 sizes: ¼” bore, 3/8” bore, ½” bore, 5/8” bore and 1” bore; with additional metric sizes soon to follow. The aluminum construction makes the clamps lightweight, without compromising strength and holding power. Each clamp includes a 6-32 socket head machine clamping bolt that requires a 7/64” hex key (sold separately). The 6-32 tapped mounting holes allow easy connection to other Actobotics™ components. Whether you’re building a rover, 3D printer, robotic arm or a custom DIY project, these clamps are a handy for all kinds of applications!

Beam Brackets:

We have also released 13 new beam bracket sets! These brackets make it easy to join Aluminum Beams and Beam Blocks to other Actobotics components.  Available in various sizes and shapes, the brackets allow for unlimited mounting possibilities.  Constructed of 1/8" Delrin, they are extremely rigid and durable.  The number of mounting holes varies by style, but they all incorporate 6-32 thru holes. Though the brackets can easily be drilled for custom applications, the hole spacing is compatible with the Actobotics 0.770" hub pattern for quick and easy attachment.  The brackets are sold in pairs and start at just $1.49/pair.

Check out more of the Actobotics product line - if you're into robotics, you won't be sorry!


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