Author Topic: Can a BS in Mechanical Engineering + MS in Computer Science = career in robotics  (Read 1982 times)

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I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering and I've been working as a Mechanical Engineer for the last 12 years.  I've had a few computer programming assignments through the years and I've REALLY enjoyed them.  I've enjoyed them so much that I've decided to go and get my MS in Computer Science.  I'm not sure of what I plan to do with this degree yet.  I was thinking of doing a full blown career change to programming.  I still enjoy Engineering though.  So I'm also trying to think of ways to combine my experience in Mechanical Engineering with my new interests in Computer Science.  I'm wondering if Robotics is a good combo of those 2 disciplines.  I'm also wondering if this combo of degrees would be adequate to gain me employment in a robotics position.  I've never toyed with robotics but the idea has always intrigued me.  I'm guessing it's a very competitive field, so I'm not sure how realistic I'm being by thinking I could get into it.   So, I'm writing to get some input from those of you that are in the field right now.  So, as my title states:  can a BS in Mechanical Engineering + MS in Computer Science = career in robotics???

Thanks.    :D

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I'd say yes, they would be a good degrees for robotics or in many of the other fields that couple processors to mechanics.

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That sounds like a good combination. Most people I see go from EE to CS and not from ME to CS, so you will have a unique view that can be valuable.

From an ME point of view there is a lot of CAD, mechanism design, and fabrication involved in robotics.
From a CS side there is a lot of algorithms that need to be developed that rely on having a good knowledge of kinematics, dynamics, and forces.

There are many times where I have seen a mechanical person solve the kinematics and dynamics and then hand it to a CS person to build a model or some algorithm. It seems you might be able to to both parts of this.

I think of robotics as having three pillars; ME, EE, & CS. So having two of the pillars is valuable.
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Also, if you go to a MSCS, make sure you take and do well on the GRE for CS.
If you don't have many of the fundamental concepts in CS down (data structures, algorithmic complexity, various implementation methods like object, functional, relational, procedural, etc) then you'll probably find MSCS to be a significant challenge.


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