Author Topic: what are your biggest beefs with robotics companies today?  (Read 1637 times)

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what are your biggest beefs with robotics companies today?
« on: August 02, 2014, 12:01:52 PM »
I want to do some brainstorming about the robotics marketplace. I think this prompt would be a great way to learn from you guys, as I am fairly new to the industry and still getting a lay of the land.

Here I 'll start it off with my shortlist so far--
What are the top 10 biggest problems with the current robotics companies & robotics product offerings:
  • Most companies have their software locked up, and make it difficult for hobbyist to tinker and customize their robots.
  • Most companies patent their important bits (whether mechanical/electrical/software), so others cannot also use them, rather than open-sourcing them and helping the greater robotics community grow it leaves others trying to find ways around the patents.
  • Most companies make robots that don't do anything! (everyone seems to be making little educational kits that do only the most basic things like line following, light seeking, etc.) They don't do anything.
  • Most robots made by existing companies are not cost effective, they are not 'investments' (except for robot arms maybe in factories) but are more like 'toys'. You know you will 'lose money' on the toy, but thats okay because the purpose of the toy is to produce joy not to produce profit.
  • Most robotics companies today are not making actual autonomous machines, mostly just remote control devices, electrical components and mechanical parts (gears, enclosures, etc.).
etc.. etc..

Add your own list! Please! I would very much like to hear others opinions.


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