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"Motors that can do overkill"



On this page:

It says:

--- Quote ---"get motors that can do overkill"
--- End quote ---

My first project will be ...

small 2 wheeled, differential drive, robot car
a third wheel (ball caster) for balance

Controlled by a Raspberry Pi and a RoboClaw

3" diameter wheels

My approach to pick an RPM was to walk 15 feet at a speed that I thought was OK for the car.

That took 7 seconds and about 19 revolutions of the wheel.

That equates to about 163 RPM.

My thought was to pick one of the micro-gear motors at ServoCity or Pololu.

Question: does "do overkill" mean I should pick a greater RPM like 220 or should I stick with the 163-ish range and pick a motor with more torque (hmm, but that could lead to a larger battery and more weight).



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