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Any one of u got idea about fuzzy logic?

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--- Quote ---software safety check in the lower levels of your firmware
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Agreed. I always have an emergency backup function in my code, saying if 'wall is too close, forget everything and back away.'

But fuzzy logic can give higher priority to certain sensors than others . . . or even exponential gain priority. The closer the wall is, the more dominating that sensor becomes in the equation . . . to the point the others are insignificant in decision making . . .

good be honest I'm still not sure exactly what kind of paradigm i'm going to implement on my rover...just getting the firmware and interface ready for the ai to take hold.

oic, i got wat u mean already, for mine example, its like behavior, whether it is behave like that or not which false under binary 0 or 1. as for fuzzy logic, we are talking about the value in between 0 and 1. erm, now i ask, for light detection, we can actually measure the rc constant as constructed rc network to determine the rc constant value. as the cds resistance differs, the t=rc will be changing, with the changing of the t, is that possible for us to apply fuzzy logic for that though?

what you want to do is use an ADC port on your microcontroller to read the analog value from your light sensor. this will give you a value 'between 0 and 1.'

it isnt an rc constant that you are measuring, but instead a voltage propotional to light sensed.

okay, got that, thx for guiding me ya, else, will be confused.. thx ya~


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