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COBOL, 100th anniversary of creators birth

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"The 100th anniversary of the birth of programming language pioneer Grace Hopper was celebrated on 9 December. Widely credited as being the "mother" of the Cobol computer language her work was hugely influential."

COBOL is still alive – and I just read that it’s been around since 1959. I wasn’t aware that COBOL was quite that old, but I had my first class in COBOL and FORTRAN in high school in 1967. We actually started the class off learning to program an Olivetti Underwood Programma 101 – a glorified adding machine that could solve differential equations, Bessel functions and perform numerical integration. As I recollect, it was slow – but it actually used magnetic media, in the form of coated cards the size of the regular punch card. The COBOL language has suffered a lot of abuse over the years (“Compiles Only Because Of Luck”, etc.), but it’s been in active use for 47 years – so you can’t argue with its success in business.

Still alive? I think future of robotics software fully loaded of managed code! MS CLR will rule the world :)

i'd prefer not to start a flame war but I think Linux is the future of
robotics because it's a more open system. e.g. if you want to make
a Kernel module for a Linux system you don't have to have any ones
permission. that and Linux is adding more and more Real Time
support every Kernel version.

and you can apt-get (Debian is the best distro imho) a Fortan or Cobol compiler. :P

I second that.  I'm currently making the transition to Linux, C++, MySQL, etc.  I'm tearing myself away from MS.  I'll miss VB.   :(


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