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for sale: my iRobot Create

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I'm selling my iRobot Create, the one I used for my WaveFront Tutorial:

Store value is $229.99
iRobot Create® plus Command Module, Battery and Charger

Its in good as new condition.

I'm offering it for $130 + shipping via UPS (probably ~$15). It's negotiable, and highest bidder wins.

It doesn't come with the servo or sharpIR rangefinder.
Send me a forum IM to make a purchase.
Other questions post here.
I'll take $20 off the price if you buy it from me by this Sunday (Sept 28th).
I charge through Google Checkout.

I am not sure if you are still selling, but I will buy it for 75 plus shipping.

I am planning to make a telepresence robot so the Create will be set to good use.

oh sorry for not posting . . . I sold it within weeks of making that post. :)


--- Quote from: Admin on January 05, 2010, 12:35:10 AM ---oh sorry for not posting . . . I sold it within weeks of making that post. :)

--- End quote ---

Ok sorry! I figured you would. Just checking!

Oh, I guess I should introduce my self. I am a multimedia director for Come Alive Communications, Web Developer Programmer, Hacker (In a good way) and a Robot Addict! :) Do you think the Create would be a good platform for a telepresence robot, or should I use something else?

I coworker of mine turned his Roomba (it was cheaper to buy then a Create at the time) into a telepresence robot. He loves it.


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