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thats my point as to why i don't see it as spam...

i didnt know that people were actually looking for these....

Just the way it was worded to me made me feel like it was spam... but maybe im wrong.... smack me :P


Lets see, Society of Robots and we cannot let others know that there is a great condition Hero Jr. on ebay.
Heck, this is not even my robot so I have zip to benefit from it.
I wish more people posted stuff like this here and then my search and probably may others here would find robots and parts much easier online rather than googling for them every day.
I posted this link because I ended up buying a Hero Jr 2 days before this guy listed his and I lost out on a Hero Jr two weeks ago to a high bidder for over $550 USD. He happened to list at the wrong time for me, so I thought this auction might benefit someone that belongs to this forum.


i agree with you jrteit, and apologize if i offended you in any way..
just, the way it was worded did kind of make it sound like spam... and to add to the fact that we have had spambots coming through here recently....
once again, my apologies.


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