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For sale robitics controller


Are we allowed to sell stuff on the forum? in not i apologize and will delete this post promptly, if so then i have a IFI  Innovation First FRC robot controller, i got it awhile back and sadly cannot program it, i neither have the cabling nor the software, it sells new for ~ 400 dollars US it does work and has alot of features i wished to use, however my current project really needs funds, i will sell it for around 160 US + shipping or trade it for a pair of Basic Stamp 2p 40 Chips. I would also prefer to avoid shipping it anywhere to make things easier, i live in Portland Oregon and will meet anyone who lives near me.

Here is a link to the IFI page with picture and details.

Thanks for the time


EDIT: Spell check and uploaded picture

you are indeed allowed to post classifieds in the misc forum (says so in the description :P)

can't say as i have any need for the controller, sorry =/ 
somebody may though, wish you luck

well a lot of frc teams build two robots which sometimes requires two sets of electronics... the season stars early january, so i will bet that people will be looking for them soon. ya might try ebay or craigslist though. but best of luck to you.

Thanks i have it posted on craigslist, but i hate ebay, nothing but problems with them,.... thanks for the timeline of the season, i wasent aware of it.

Truckstop   ;D


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