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Title: Good college for robotics in FL
Post by: z.s.tar.gz on July 16, 2011, 04:23:52 PM
Any good places to look at? (Keep in mind that I'm not made of money)
Title: Re: Good college for robotics in FL
Post by: billblack on July 30, 2011, 10:29:00 PM
Florida is not a hotbed of robotics educational opportunity, but I graduated last year from UCF and there is some interest there, although no formal robotics program. Take a look at: ( and contact the club members for a better look into programs there.

Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) is a private school and at first glance is horrifically expensive, but if you work the through the system I understand you can get scholarships and grants to cover the biggest part of your costs. Melbourne is a much more pleasant place to live, IMHO, and the beach is about 4 miles from the campus. You might want to look at this: ( and get in touch with someone at the school. Dr. Stephen Wood is in the Ocean Engineering department and is a very helpful sort.

University of Florida has: ( . I have no personal knowledge of their programs, but as with most colleges, a phone call to the department usually gets you plenty of personal attention. Most schools are always in search of motivated students.

Good luck and remember that the harder you work and the more involved with the department you are while a student, the more you get out of it, both in education and contacts for eventual employment.

Title: Re: Good college for robotics in FL
Post by: madsci1016 on July 31, 2011, 03:27:52 PM
UCF had an entry in the Darpa Urban challenge a few years back.

UF always has an entry in the ONR robosub competition.

I'd recommend UCF by the looks of their facilities compared to the rest and their location in Orlando which is the closest thing to a robotics capital there is in Florida. I say that due to it's hosting of FIRST nationals and the relationship with Disney. They love to recruit engineers from UCF for animatronics.

And then there's always FSU Panama City, which has great relations with my Navy base, and we host all sorts of internships related to robotic systems. And they have even better facilities then UCF (and newer) and since it's really small, much smaller class sizes then anywhere in the state.

Title: Re: Good college for robotics in FL
Post by: ofnature on July 31, 2011, 03:39:46 PM
Valencia has a good electrical engineering program (Orlando/ Kissimmeee area)