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Title: Advanced Mini Sumo Robot
Post by: silex on December 20, 2011, 04:16:16 AM

Nowadays, i am working on my new mini sumo robot, "Karafatma".


It consists of these parts:
- STM32VLDiscovery
- 4 pieces of Pololu 35:1 Mini Metal Gearmotor, 6 V: 350 RPM, 1.4 kg-cm torque
- 3 pieces of Sharp GP2Y0D340K
- 2 pieces of Pololu TB6612FNG
- 2 pieces of Pololu QTR-1A
- 4 pieces of Solarbotics RW2i Wheels
- 4 pieces of Grey Color Silicone Tires
- 2 pieces of 7.4V Rhino 360 mAh Lipoly
- Sparkfun IMU Fusion Board ADXL345 & IMU3000
- Serial Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module

I can control it using Android phone for testing purposes;

I wrote an article about it on my blog site. You can find more information there. Unfortunately, it is in Turkish. But you can check out lots of in-depth photos of my robot. (

I hope you like it.

Mert Ă–ztoprak