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Title: HEY FORUM!!
Post by: ロボット on February 09, 2014, 01:35:18 AM
Hey forum,

So excited to be here! I'v been interested in Robotics for so long, I was an average student at asmall school and ended up dropping out to work in a creative industry.. However, after growing up just a little more I realised I actually love learning (as my school was verysmall I didn't have the option to study things I was interested in) I have since completed my schooling while also working and have just got into university to study mechatronics!! (be it just a few years late)..

ANYWAY, my goal is to be the best in the class and learn everything I can!

The forum looks like a great resource so I just wanted to say helloand look forward to learning and being a part of the community (which I hope to be able to contribute back to in the future)