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Title: Robotic blocks even 3 year olds can use?
Post by: Browsingrobotics on March 11, 2016, 06:45:12 PM
Hi there, I stumbled upon an article on Forbes about these robotic blocks to move and program old toys, gadgets, 3D prints and it seems a lot more. They are fully wireless and can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. What got me excited is the smartphone controlled GoPro you can drive around, the fact you can bring 3D prints to life and that even young kids can play with it cause it doesn't require any screws, wires, soldering etc. I checked out their kickstarter page to find out more and I am actually thinking about it.

It seems pretty cool to me. I have seen other kits around but none that is so easy to use and that allows you to control multiple blocks from one single device. Let me know your thoughts before I get one. The article on forbes is (