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Bluetooth Woes
« on: January 01, 2011, 09:16:48 PM »
Hey everyone

So A few months ago I built my first robot using a picaxe 28 project board - it wasn't much, just one that could go back and forth and so on.

For Christmas I got myself a new droid forum, and with it, a new idea - I want to control a new robot from my phones bluetooth.

Unfortunately after a whole days worth of searching, I am a little lost and have a few questions.

For reference, I was thinking of getting this for my project:

First, what is the difference between a bluetooth module, and a bluetooth modem in terms of there ability to serve as the device connected to my ATMega8 Educational Board
Is the only really applicable difference the operating voltage? Where the Module requires a lower voltage and thus provides a lesser range?

Anyway, the answer to this question really determines the rest of my questions - all help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Bluetooth Woes
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2011, 11:44:31 PM »
My guess would be more functionality from the modem but I'm not sure.

I've been experimenting for a little while now on doing exactly what you are thinking. My advice would be to get yourself signed up to App Inventor asap! It's an amazing tool. With a little bit of experience I built an bluetooth robot control app for my robot in 1 day!!!! Been trying to learn to code in Java to write a proper app and I am still nowhere after 2 weeks...

I have a bluesmirf gold and it works well with my phone. The bluesmirf is a bit of a pain to pair with but apart from that it has been amazing. It talks over UART to my robot.

Good luck mate. I'm keen to see what you get working

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Re: Bluetooth Woes
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2011, 04:56:16 AM »
Essentially all bluetooth modules are MODEMs since they MODulate and DEModulate a signal.  A little late (early :)) to be looking at datasheets, but at a glance on the Sparkfun site, the SMD module will be a little more involved to interface due to the 3.0v power (as klims pointed out) and that it doesn't have a breakout board so you will have a little more difficulty wiring it up.
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Re: Bluetooth Woes
« Reply #3 on: January 08, 2011, 09:34:23 AM »
It's not that sparkfun doesn't have good products, but I doubt their RF design skills...
If you can solder the module, then just go for it...

In the other product (the ready solution one)... That coper under the Antenna just doesn't feel good to my eye.....
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