Author Topic: 50$ dollar robot tutorial help!  (Read 1801 times)

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50$ dollar robot tutorial help!
« on: January 20, 2015, 07:17:38 PM »
Hey guys I'm new to robotics and electronics in general so I'm lost here i started to build the circuit for the fifty dollar robot and stopped after i read (read this post) link about the 6 pin vs 10 pin programmer cable after much speculation of what i had i came to the conclusion that the AVR pocket programmer cable has both if I'm right. but then another thought came into my head after i followed the (read post) link i followed the link provided by supreme robot to download the zip Webbot provided for a simpler schematic when i opened it, it seems to me like the schematic is for users using the 9V and 4.8 battery pack option and therefore being a noob at this i don't know which schematic to follow since I'm using the 6V rechargeable battery, does this option affect the circuit wiring i compared the admin pictures and the pdf diagram and they don't match to me, i would think that this battery option wouldn't change the connections but now I'm having second thoughts. could someone in the same AVR pocket and 6V rechargeable boat answer me on what they did. I'm thinking that i should solder 2x3 pins for the input since the programmer i believe has both and this input/output was said to be newer and then to just follow the admin tutorial since there using a 6V and only one battery. :o :-\       

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Re: 50$ dollar robot tutorial help!
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2015, 08:05:04 AM »
 :) Hello!
I would request the links that you mentioned, and I could find time to review them to begin to
help you.(schematics too,  ;) ) If you are new to electronics, I would recommend reading some
basic electronic books to help you in the wiring. I advise you to find schematics on the web
that are similar to the ones you are looking at, to use as a comparison.
To give you any further info, I would need moe information about the actual products you are
using, so I look up the datasheets to help me understand what it is you are trying to do.
Keep me posted....   :)


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