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Title: T-Shirt Robot Communication Question
Post by: Colbyk1 on May 10, 2017, 04:35:35 PM
Hey Everyone,
My name is Colby and my FRC team is working on building aT-Shirt cannon (We understand that PVC isn't rated for pressure) and we want to control it with something like an RC car/ airplane remote as the controller because we want to have a long range, So I guess my question is does anyone know of a way to have the signals from an RC remote be interpreted by a computer? We would like to do this because this would allow us to still fully program the robot, I know I could possible look for a motor controller that outputs PWM and I'm not totally aginst that but we would still like to be able to program our robot!
I don't know if this is the place to post this but I don't really have any other ideas!!
If anyone can help at all it would mean the world to me and my FRC team 353!!
Thanks in advance,
Colby Kusinitz