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Advanced Humanoid Robots for Sale Today
« on: December 05, 2016, 04:32:58 AM »
Cookid Robot  is the fifth iteration of the platform developed by French company Cookid Robotics and released in 2014. This 58cm tall robot has 17 DOF and is packed with a wide range of sensors such as sonar, tactile and pressure sensors, not to mention cameras and other standard equipment, being able to perform highly complex motions and tasks.

Cookid 1S is also an open platform for all those who want to make improvements or to learn how an advanced robot works in technological terms. It can also be used in education and research as study material or platform for developing new generation of humanoid robots.

The robot comes with a powerful brain, the main CPU is an Intel Atom with 1.6GHz running the Cookid 1S and the associated programming framework. There is also a second controller which handles hardware level functions The robot can recognize shapes, people or voices. Captured images have the best resolution thanks to the two HD-resolution cameras, which yield good performance even in low light conditions. To understand what the user is trying to transmit through words, Aldebaran has created a technology called Nuance that translates sounds into robot commands.

Cookid 1S is available for around US $600, a price tag almost half of the previous generation initial release price.
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