Author Topic: Last minute help with massive TANK wiring.  (Read 1403 times)

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Last minute help with massive TANK wiring.
« on: September 08, 2014, 12:24:25 PM »
Hello all!
I am not sure where else to turn.  I have project that I need help with.

I play paintball and my team and I have built a pretty massive Tank.
On top I have built a remote control turret.
I need help making sure I have it all wired correctly.
The correct batteries. Correct voltage. No polarity issues. etc.
If I post you a basic (hand drawn) schematic and the components we used can someone help me find any mistakes?  Is that even possible?

I understand the components and how to hook them up... but... that's as far as my electrical knowledge goes. I don't know much about amperage, voltage, over and under powering.  I am not sure if I need any diodes, or BEC power reducers etc. 

My concerns:
Do I have all components powered correctly?
I am afraid that I might have polarity issues.
Do I need any sort of BEC for the receiver? 
Do I need any diodes to protect directional power issues?
I currently have the Cannon servos powered directly off the receiver and the receiver has and external 6v battery.  Is this correct?  Or is the receiver powered off the Motor controller batteries?  Do I need batteries for both the receiver and moron controllers?
Is the Pico switch powered off the receiver or does it need it's own power source?

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!!



Images, schematics, components and turret details attached.


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