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Wii Nunchuck Controlled Robot

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oops i meant change the bit inputted to the transmitter, otherwise, the receiver goes nuts

Great job Frank!  Nunchaku control and no host PC required!

lol i told my friend and now he hates you for dishonouring the wii  ;D oh well freakin wiked tho

I just read this post. Awesome!!! If you can only control the robot with WII to go to the fridge and get a beer.

So if you are using the Arduino, you need to include "Wire.h" (i'm assuming that "stdio.h" and "string.h" are standard c libraries). say i wanted to do something similar, i.e: control servos and whatnot remotely using the Wii nunchuck and some cheap RF receivers/transmiters, but instead i have a homemade microcontroller similar to the $50 robot one (which will use the Atmega168). where would i find the required libraries, like "Wire.h" and any others that it may also include so that i can use the functions in your code? I could always just buy an Arduino, but im going to school for all this neato robotics jazz (Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics) so i'd rather do EVERYTHING the hard way and make my own stuff. You learn more that way anyhow. thanks for any help.


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