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RoCKIn Camp 2014
« on: October 10, 2013, 03:54:40 AM »
RoCKIn is short for “Robot Competitions Kick Innovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics” and it is an EU-funded Coordination Action aimed at the promotion of research and education through competitions.

The RoCKIn Camp 2014 aims at supporting the preparation of teams to participate in the [email protected] and [email protected] challenges, the competition events that will be organized by RoCKIn in 2014 and 2015. [email protected] and [email protected] take inspiration from the corresponding RoboCup leagues, but they will focus on benchmarking robotic systems and networked robots. Both challenges require basic navigation capabilities with no restrictions on the mobile platform, advance perception, manipulation and human-robot interaction. [email protected] focuses on tasks that service robots execute in a real home environment, while the tasks to be performed in [email protected] target an industrial automation scenario.

The RoCKIn Camp 2014 will take place in Rome and is designed as a hands-on week long school, where teams acquire new capabilities and/or improve the performance of their systems in the competition tasks. The activities planned in the first four days of the RoCKIn Camp 2014 address the following topics: the robot platform and the basic software infrastructure, perception, manipulation and human robot interaction through speech. Each topic will include introductory lectures and practical sessions. The last day will be devoted to finalising a demonstration in the competition scenario.

Students and researchers, who have an interest in entering the [email protected] and [email protected] competitions, are invited to apply for the RoCKIn Camp 2014. We accept application in two formats:
•   Individual applications by existing or prospective team members.
•   Team applications (for teams of 2-3 people, not necessarily from the same university, but with an already established team). Team applicants are encouraged to bring their robot to be used in the practical activities, but this is not a requirement.

For the practical sessions, participants will be arranged into teams. Accepted applicant teams will become RoCKIn Camp 2014 teams; individual participants may be joining existing teams with the goal of creating additional collaborations and opportunities. If needed, additional teams will be created from individual applicants. Each team will be assigned a specific task, applying modules and tools presented in the lectures. The selection will be based on the team submission material and will also consider formation of new teams. The expected audience will be up to 12 teams and up to 36 participants.

All successful applicants will be offered:
•   Accommodation in shared rooms (including breakfast, 6 nights)
•   Lunch (5 days) and 1 social dinner
•   Attendance to lectures and practical sessions

In addition, the teams of 3 people that will carry a robot to be used in the practical sessions of the Camp are entitled to receive a travel support up to 1200 Euros, and the team of 3 people that plan to attend without a robot are entitled to support of 600 Euros.

Intention to participate: 20th October 2013
To express your intention to participate send an email to [email protected], specifying team/individual names, affiliation and the number of team members.

Application deadline: 20th November 2013
Applications should be submitted via The application should include a 4-page technical report with IEEE Conference Style, describing: scientific background, research objectives, expected knowledge / performance improvement, team description (including previous experience, role and competence of team members).

Notification of acceptance: 27th November 2013

For further questions contact Alberto Pretto: [email protected]


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