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Webbotlib Studio FBoot only works the first time!

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Hero I:
In the Webbotlib Studio FBoot window there are two check boxes. One labeled "Program" and the other labeled "Verify." The window pops up with both set on by default.

I decided to test by setting and unsetting these check boxes to see what results I would get. Here are some of the results...

Attempt Program Verify Result 
------- ------- ------ ------
   1      on     on      OK
   2      off    on      OK
   3      on     off     fail
   4      off    on      fail
   5      on     off     OK
   6      off    on      fail
   .       .      .       .     
   .       .      .       .     
   .       .      .       .     

So, it looks like I did get some success after the first attempt, but it was hit and miss. I could not discern a pattern.

I'm hoping this new information will help you determine what the problem might be.

What version of WebbotLib Studio are using? Latest is 1-13-1.

How are you downloading/running it?
1. via the WebbotLib Downloader
2. via the JNLP/JavaWebStart file
3. some other way

[edit to add]
I've been through your steps and, once again, all works for me.

I'm just wondering if, for some reason, your board is rebooting once the bootloader get underway. FBoot isn't good at handling this - and that's why leaving an AvrISP hardware programmer connected fails as the programmer resets the cpu after a short while.

In your case I'm wondering if you are getting bad contact bounce from your power switch causing a quick on-off-on.  Clutching at straws!

If you're up for it - I've also written my own boot loader called WLSBOOT (you may have seen it in the drop down) which detects these sorts of things and is more resilient. If you're up for it then let me know and I'll send you a copy to try.

P.S. Love what your project does on the AxonII segmented LED !

Hero I:
I'm running Webbotlib Studio via WebbotLibStudio.jnlp

The version is 1-13-1.

See attached for the Webbotlib Studio help about info.

And yes, I would love to try your WLSBOOT program.

Ok great. Attached Help was useful - as it also shows that your running a 16 bit version of Java on your 64 bit machine. Not relevant to this issue - but once your chaos has settled then you may want to install a 64 bit version (you can have more than one - controlled via environment variables: JAVA_HOME and also the PATH - as to which is used by default).

Need to get WLSBOOT into my source control and build system - over the weekend (hopefully) - and will then PM you a link to download it (as it won't be on general release to start with). Dont want lots of threads like this one running concurrently :-)

Have also been working on AvrDude support which could help you as the Dragon is 'supported'. Have no way to test it out so, if your up for that at some point, then would appreciate your co-operation.

Will PM you when WLSBOOT is ready to go

Hero I:
Looking forward to testing WLSBOOT and will be interested in the testing of the AvrDude support.


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