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Webbotlib Studio FBoot only works the first time!

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Hero I:
My fuses match what the SoR's Axon II FAQ section says they should be set to.

Attached is an image capture of my Axon II's fuses settings.

One thing I noticed is that BOOTSZ and Fuse Register HIGH value are different than yours.

I think you should try changing the BOOTSZ to be the same as mine. (Wont cause any damage - after all that is how I have mine set).

I have a theory as to what is going on - and so if the above works then I'll explain it

Hero I:
I changed BOOTSZ to 512W_7E00 and the problem still exist.

Hmm - works fine for me  :) . I need to do some experimenting to see if I can reproduce your problem.
In the meantime make sure that:-

* Your hardware programmer is physically disconnected before using the bootloader
* When re-programming the board then leave it off for 5 to 10 seconds before re-programming via the bootloader
* Send me a copy of your project .hex file - just in case that is the problem (for any strange reason!)

Hero I:
Attached you will find the bootloader that I'm using and my program.


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