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Title: under-$50 vacuum former video (& free plans)
Post by: drcrash on July 22, 2007, 07:34:05 AM
This isn't exactly a robot video, but a way to make robot parts with your kitchen oven & vacuum cleaner:


For detailed instructions on how to make the vacuum former (in an hour or so) see the "Instructable":

For lots more free information on do-it-yourself vacuum forming, see my Vacuum Former Plans web site:

You might also want to get Doug Walsh's classic little book, "Do It Yourself Vacuum Forming for the Hobbyist."  He figured out most of this stuff years before I did.  You can get it from
(He's also selling some nice surplus Thomas vacuum pumps, which also work as compressors, for under $100 shipped.  They could be useful for robot pneumatics, as well as for a high-powered vacuum former.  BTW, I have no stake in that business;  I just like his stuff.)