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Title: Off-road mobile robot
Post by: nuclid on February 01, 2007, 06:51:49 AM
Hi guys,

I'd like to show you my mobile robot based on the HandyBoard controller. Pls have a look at (


Basic info:
    * 2 MHz microprocessor Motorola 68HC11.
    * 32 kB RAM, battery backed.
    * Drives up to 4 DC motors. I've changed the two L293D circuits with four SN754410NE so I can now control DC motors with up to 2A constant or 2.4A peak power consumption. (See H-bridges)
    * Two motor outputs can be used to control a stepper motor.
    * 16 x 2 LCD display.
    * Two fully programmable buttons, potentiometer with 0-255 range and a piezo buzzer.
    * 7 analog and 9 digital inputs. All of them powered for use with active sensors.
    * 9.6V NiCd battery pack. Charging is done by a special interface adapter or directly using the main board. Just connect a power adapter and that's it.
    * A 38kHz infra red receiver/transmitter. It's not connected at the moment, I'm working on a remote digital radio control.
    * 8 pin powered serial connector interface with up to 1 Mbaud transmission speed.
    * Easily expandable using the expansion board.
Title: Re: Off-road mobile robot
Post by: Admin on February 01, 2007, 09:02:49 AM
what sensors you got?

i built something similar years ago:

but the RC car had really poor torque and couldnt handle going off road :-\
even worse, the el-cheapo DC motor couldnt handle my badly written PID control . . . and quickly burned out . . .