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Multi agent system


Hi, I want to simulate this, and I haven't simulated any multi-system before, and I don't know how to begin or what to do? can anyone help me with this, any information would be useful.
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for a robotic simulation, I am working with Blender. Freeware, that seems intuitive.

 8) excelsior!!   8)

    I looked over your link info - and THAT is some mighty complicated stuff that will consume some time to digest. The nervous system algorithms you are assimilating will need some practical, easier to absorb material.

    To break down that math, and apply it in a nice, friendly platform, may I suggest using Wolfram's mathematica - which has the greatest, largest algorithm library in the world, and a friendly platform to use them on.

     you can adapt the algorithms you have in your link to work in mathematica, and Voila! ROBOT has nerves!!

      ;D  good luck!!   ;D

Thanks for the reply my friend, and thank you for the time u dedicate to see the link.
I will consider your suggestions and I will let u know what happened :) thanks  ;)


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