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How do hackers hack your computer - FORTH


     Hello everybody!  ;)

     I have been delving into some serious code lately, as I am working toward getting a
degree in software and web development. BUT,  I also like playing with processors, like
parallax propeller, Society of Robots Axon, and of course, the raspberry pi.

    I was playing around with a FORTH compiler, and found the language very powerful and compact.
The commands resemble low level machine language, specific to the processor in which it was intended.
After a few hours of viewing the code, it started to become a bunch of jumbled letters, not meaning anything
anymore. BUT, it did seem, somehow, familiar - !  :o

    In fact it resembled some numbers I saw when I used to get the "blue screen of death" on my computer!
This motivated me to look more into FORTH being used on computers, and boy, WHAT a conspiracy abounds!!  :'(

   Because FORTH is so compact, it can be stored in un-used registers in a CPU's internal memory. Because FORTH
is so powerful, with only a few lines of code, it can create a virtual terminal INSIDE a working kernel, virtually
unseen by the platform.

   Virtual terminals are created "normally" for developers to have a back door to debug their programs - BUT,
if these back doors were used for villainous purposes, any computer system could be hacked.

    FORTH is such an obscure language, i have not found any FORTH code checkers for the software we have today.  :-\

    In short, FORTH is compact and powerful enough to be in any system to create a "back door", and obscure
enough for there not to be any checking for it. Even if you do see it, it will look like garbage to the developer
guild.  :o

    So there your have it, my take on the hacker attacks - what to do about it, is another story.  :-X


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