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Light weight one axis hinge recommendation


I'm attempting to build a crow that can stay upright even when its perch tilts.  For that I need to have some single axis hinges (not u-joints).  I'm using 3mm rod for my internal supports and am hoping to find some light weight hinges that are sized appropriately and can take a lot of duty cycles and still remain fairly friction free.

I'm using the hinges on opposing platforms connecting by the 3mm rod to keep them separate. There will a mechanism that keeps the top platform (that will hold the head) parallel to the bottom platform that the feet are attached to.

1) I've included an image (tube with a fork on one side and a tabbed tube on the other with a pin tying them together) of one I'm thinking of but I can't for the life of me find the name of it.  Does anyone knew the name so I can find one on amazon or McMaster Carr?  (I could make this myself, but time is short and I have plenty of others things to do first)

2) Is there a better choice?

really appreciate the help!

Chuck on Stack exchange was able to find this link for tube hinges on McMaster Carr:


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