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Title: Urbi
Post by: maximax on May 15, 2007, 12:08:03 PM
Firstly prensent myself. I am a first year student and an emerging robotics amateur (to be professional?). For the moment I am familiarizing myself with the world of robotics and electronics. I am new here so hello society of robots I am enjoying the site.

Now for the matter at hand. I half come accross a development and operating platform for robots named URBI ( . It seems to be well off and a clever system but again I am no expert. I was suprised not getting any results when I searched for it in this forum. Has anyone heard of it? What are your thoughts on it?

Can the urbi engine be easily modeled/customised to your application specifications (it exists for Aibo, Mindstorm, others..) ?

Here is a presentation of urbi (
This company is closely affiliated with URBI (

Thanks, Max
Title: Re: Urbi
Post by: hgordon on May 15, 2007, 07:56:15 PM
I have worked a bit with URBI, and it is a nice robot programming environment.  At the time I used it, the graphical user interface tools were limited, but I expect some progress has been made.  They have even written drivers for our small robot (SRV-1).

I am not certain how it works for users to add support for other robots.  You should probably ask on the URBI forum.