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Re: Asus router & Axon
« Reply #30 on: December 17, 2011, 05:09:00 PM »
That's fine because I won't be able to do much on this for the holidays, so there's no rush at all.  This is enough info for me to try some different things and see what happens.

I've had one semester of programming in Java.  And recently I've been looking at C tutorials.  I'm not too far in at all. 

If everything was setup correctly, and the axon is programmed to say "working", where would I be able to see this?  Would I have multiple Terminal windows open and use SSH &/or Telnet?

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Re: Asus router & Axon
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If you open a terminal window and telnet into the proper IP address and port you should be able to see the 'working' appear in the terminal window.

Edit: If your not sure the software on the axon is working, there might be a way to make it echo messages in hardware. With an arduino you can hold the processor in reset mode and short the Tx and Rx pins together to create a loopback. Any messages the microcontroller receives will just be echoed back to the source.
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