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Author Topic: Defect detection using a Cognex camera and palettizing with a Mitsubishi robot  (Read 3799 times)

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I haven't dealed with robots too much, but now I have a project relating to flaw detection using a Cognex camera and a Mitsubishi RV-3SB Robot (Melfa program) at the University.

I would like the system to do the following:
There are two palettes. One for the defect pieces and the other for the good pieces. A Cognex Vision Sensor determines whether the piece is good or defect. After the camera inspects the piece it sends the proper sign to the robot and it put the piece to the right palette depending on whether the product is good or flaw.

I have defined a flaw rule in the vision tools software. So I can see whether the piece is passed or failed on the inspection on the computer.

What I don't understand is that how the robot gets the information from the camera I mean how I could activate the program in the camera for the robot and how I can make the robot program so that the robot is able to recieve those informations?

Another thing I don't understand relates to the palletizing. If the robot has only one palette I can imagine how it works. But I have two palettes, both have six places for the products and I have six test pieces and of course I can combine the order and the amount of defect products. So my question is that how the palette program looks like using two palettes. What confuse me is that how it works when one palletizing progress is interrupted becase there is a product coming for the another palette and how it will be continued putting the product the the second or third place on the palette. Or is it easier that I imagine?

I think it is pretty easy for an expert. It would be nice for me to know how I could do it, I would learn a lot from this project.
I'm looking forward to any kind of helps. Best regards. Thanks.

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I could be way off the mark with this but could you use openCv to access the cams picture, detect the pallet and if its incorrect get the robot to move accordingly?

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The easiest way to interface the robot and the camera is going to be 24VDC discrete I/O.  The camera job can have a pass output and a fail output defined. The robot triggers the camera, then waits for one of the two inputs. If the Mitsubishi has Ethernet/IP comms, you could probably get it working that way too, but the hardwired signals will be the most straight forward.


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