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Hey guys,

I recently wrote an app using App Inverntor for my Android phone and thought I'd share it if anyone was interested. It was made for my Samsung Galaxy S (Froyo, 480 x 800 screen).

All the action buttons/check boxes can be programmed to send out whatever text you like over a bluetooth connection.

Current limitations:
-non-fluid layout (all buttons are hard coded to a position). This means that it may not work well on screens with less res than 480 x 800.
-no multi threading, which means no receiving of information, only sending.

I have source code for the Axon using Webbotlib also if you can't be bothered writing your own.


Edit: can't upload the .apk file. It's too big. PM me your email address if you want it.

Sorry Admin I seem to have posted in the wrong section...  ::)

I'm curious, how do you communicate with the Axon?

Bah! I must have been sleeping when I started this thread.

It communicates using bluetooth.


--- Quote ---Edit: can't upload the .apk file.
--- End quote ---
tried zipping it?


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