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--- Quote from: Razor Concepts on September 22, 2010, 07:36:37 PM ---It has been bugging me enough lately to post this- these embedded youtube videos dont work on ipod touch/ipad with safari, it just shows up as empty space.

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That's nothing to do with this website or the people who make the forum, it's Apple's refusal to allow flash on ipod/ ipad.

Razor Concepts:
Youtube flash does work on these devices, for example i can see the embedded youtube videos in hackaday just fine

Unless i missed the big announcement otherwise, Apple doesn't support generic flash. They have 'plug-ins' that will render some stuff like youtube using there own software, but it has to be able to 'pick out' that there is a youtube video on the page. The SMF software running SOR doesn't use the regular youtube embed html code; it  generates it's own whenever a poster just drops the youtube url into the post.

Hack-a-day uses regular youtube html embed code, so your plug-in sees that there's a youtube video it needs to handle. It doesn't recognize SMF html embed code for youtube videos.

On a side note, it works just fine on my Android phone.  :P

Thank you for the information. :)

i am trying to embed Google videos.


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