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We are proud to introduce our new line of Micro Gearmotors and gearmotor attachments!

ServoCity Micro GearmotorBlocks - Just $14.99!

Although these mirco gearmotors have a footprint comparable to a micro-size servo and tip the scales at only 0.6oz, the are incredibly powerful. All-metal gears ensure the motor will hold up in even the harshest applications. The extremely versatile gearmotor case provides protection for the gears and offers numerous mounting options to fit a variety of custom applications. These micro gearmotors have a 3mm D-shaft that protrudes from the gearbox case. The shaft is compatible with our new line of 3mm bore attachments shown below.

The micro gearmotors are offered in 9 different speeds, ranging from 45 RPM to 4,900 RPM!!

The Gearmotor has a "D" shaped 3mm bore shaft.

Micro Gearmotor shown to scale.

The Micro GearmotorBlocks have (2) #4 thru holes.

4-40 screws are able to pass through the #4 thru holes.

6-32 screws are able to thread into the mounting holes.

Micro GearmotorBlocks can easily bolt together to create gearmotor structures.

We have various attachments available such as the:

3mm bore pinion gear - $12.99

3mm bore lightweight set screw hub - $6.99

For more information or to purchase one of our great little gearmotors, visit: http://www.servocity.com/html/micro_gearmotorblocks.html


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