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  Hi there. My name is Eric I have been getting into the robotics scene for the past year. I got the parallax BOEBOT kit from my local radioshack for $159.00 and some change as a starter. (I got it before I found this site and the $50 robot) I am about to migrate to AVR's and the Arduino software via the Roboduino very soon so I am selling  most of the BOEBOT components to try and help pay for it. This is a great kit to get started. The book has some step by step guides on how to do a few differant programs, and parallax has a very active and robust forum for all of their products. I am going to Ebay the below items in a week or two but wanted to offer it to anyone here interested at a lower cost. This site has given me LOADS of info and progressed my robotics years ahead of where I would have been without so I want to give back to the "community". All items work and I can send any pics/info I can muster up if needed. All I am selling is the BS2 mcu (Basic Stamp), which is programed in PBASIC (all software is free and included on CD), the project book, and the development board. I will also throw in some various resistors, jumpers wires, I have some various switches, pots, and can look for some extras if wanted. Everything is in excellent condition, adult owned.

Actual Prices:
BS2 Basic Stamp Module    49.00     Item code BS2-IC
Board of Education Development Board - Serial Version    69.99      Item code 28150
Robotics with the Boe-Bot Text    20.99     Item code 28125

Asking $40.00 to anyone here. No shipping charge for US/Canada. Outside of US, we can work on something. Will only accept Paypal. This is for your security as well mine. Please post any general questions here, or PM me. Thanks for looking and reading. Sorry so long  :P

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