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Heathkit Hero Jr for sale on ebay sold! -

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A very good condition Hero Jr was just listed on ebay.
This ebayer is very friendly and quite accommodating.
Take a look as it is only a 3 day auction and just listed minutes ago.
If the link does not work then just search Heathkit Hero jr.
Good luck

this is basically spam.... >:(  please stop this... its things like tese that can ruine the best forums there are like Sor... why are you posting thisif youve got a post looking for one pretty much contridicts each other? ???

is this spam? i know its advertising and all, but it does tell all the people looking for one theres one out there...
and whats up with your two posts?

to me it is spam... if you allow one person to do this all of a sudden two may do it then it just basically can turn a whole board full of post like this which CAN ruine a site...

Razor Concepts:
Some people on this forum were actually looking for these robots.


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