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Author Topic: Robotics and Automation Society in Second Life  (Read 3084 times)

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Robotics and Automation Society in Second Life
« on: February 18, 2009, 11:20:53 AM »
I just got this in my email today, as part of the Robotics and Automation Society newsletter. I think I'm too old for this, but if anyone builds an SoR booth on this island feel free to send pics/video to this thread ;D

*** RAS Island on "Second Life" ***

The Robotics and Automation Society's Second Life Presence, which was
developed by Domenico Prattiichizzo and colleagues at the University of
Sienna with support from RAS, is now up and running on one of two IEEE
Islands in the virtual reality world of Linden Lab's Second Life (SL).
RAS is the first IEEE entity to establish an active presence on SL.
For more information see  an article in the upcoming by Prattichizzo in
the March issue of RA Magazine and the IEEE Second Life webpage at
http://www.ieee.org/web/volunteers/tab/secondlife/islands.html. Also
see comments about the RAS Island by New World Notes blogger  Wagner
James Au at

Second Life's official website http://secondlife.com describes it as
"an engaging world shaped entirely by its residents." The RAS site
offers the opportunity to show off new robots, announce events, and
whatever else members envision.


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