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I would really like to get started in Robotics

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So after reading your site I really became fascinated at what a simple creation can do and how it can think on its own.

So i have been looking around and found some places to buy some equipment.
if i bought the cerebellum microcontrol on botrics.
Bought one NiMH battery.
Bought 10 (although i think i would use 2 for starters) photoresistors on EBay
And then used some of my Tamiya electronic engines that i took from these tiny cars.

Would i be able to plug everything together on a chassis that i made myself, and have it work?
Of course after i programmed it. Because someone on your site said that the cerebellum microcontrollers can be linked to a computer and then programmed with software on a windows based computer...
If this software does exist, is it easy to use? Do i need to know "C" programing language?


If you need to see a picture of the motor, my older brother will be back with my camera later.


HIGHLY recommend getting a basic microcontroller; way easier to get started with.

Yeap it is as easy as it sounds. Just dont forget to consider how to connect your motors to your frame, and your wheels to the motors. I forgot that on my first robot, and it kept breaking =P

If you use the cerebellum microcontroller, you would need to know how to program in C. The cerebellum has tons of sample code, but can be overwhelming for a beginning programmer. BASIC, being the easiest language in my opinion . . . you may want to start with one of those controllers first. I suggest getting a cheap one for you to start with, because in the future as you get better, PIC based controllers have much more features. Whatever looks easiest is best. Start easy and you can always upgrade later.

As for photoresistors, they cost like 20 cents or so each. I havnt checked, but radio shack may have them super cheap. Also try solarbotics.com.


so if what is the difference between a cerebellum and a basic stamp microcontroller

is this a stamp microcontroller?

if so, were do i hook up my various I/O components, and how do you program it?

I found that microcontroller at


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