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Sales/swap/exchange section in the forum??

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I was just wondering if there was such a facility anywhere on the forum, as I for one am having a little difficulty tracking down some parts I need for my upcoming build!

Is it allowable to post WLTB requests somewhere, just in case someone out there posseses, and has no use for said items??

...if so, where should such requests/offers be posted??

WaterPig Master:
I would agree that there should be a marketplace section, but recently I found It looks great, and it's pretty active — new posts every day. I'm going to be getting rid of some of my less useful components through it.

What are you after?


I think a marketplace for the forum would be great too, but would require a lot in terms of moderation I suppose!!

Was hoping to find a pair of drive hubs to fit 4mm shaft, preferably the 4 hole type, to fit commercially available Sumo wheels to? these, but 4 holes, and 4mm shaft! GB ::)

Someone sells stuff here about once a month, so I'm not so sure.

I could add a new section on the main page, right under Robot Vids.

I added a vote to this thread at the top. Vote if you think you'll use it, and/or comment if you think it'll 'clog up' or over-complicate the forum.

I think the only problem is if a lot of the people are like me on this site... they'll keep things because they'll "use them eventually".

That's the cool thing about building these things is that once you have a bunch of parts from old projects, you can build a robot on the cheap! 


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