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Project help request: Striking a bell manually, alarm clock.


Project help request: Striking a bell manually, alarm clock.

Hello! Glad to be here at this forum. My name is Steve. I'm looking for help designing a circuit for an alarm clock bell. The bell is a "singing bowl" struck with a leather mallet. 
Variables user can set:

Initial Clock time
Clock Time Zone
Chimes: 1-10
Duration between chimes: .100ms - 5 seconds
Intensity of strike: (not sure how to rate this, ie harder or softer)

Design goal is for a physical mallet to strike the singing bowl via actuated 12v motor. (I can get fancy and design a little wooden figure to strike bowl later)

I'm thinking the clock settings can be built into wooden base via a small analog LCD screen. Or everything configured via super basic app with the above variables listed above, connected via bluetooth. 
My idea isnt novel. This gentleman created a similar invention. Link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXs8M0czlbs

If interested in helping me please let me know! My skills are soldering, wood working and finishing.  Looking forward to your reply!

Simple image diagram of my project: https://ibb.co/g4bLJQj


Thank you, Steve

I am interested in helping you.  You can email me at [email protected]

Thanks Larry, I went ahead and sent you an email.  8)

Anyone else intersted in helping. I got the manual bits out of the way. Please see attached picture.

Picture Full Size: https://ibb.co/HCz0bcH

Next step is to program an alarm clock.

Alarm clock features:

- Set time
- Set alarm
- Set number of chimes.

Im not sure where to begin on this. Any help much appreciated. Thank you


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