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Need help to let omni robot rotation around 1 point


I made a robot by 4 omni wheels on each sides.
I want to the robot rotation moving around 1 point. The radius can be controlled by the variate. I know the equation for the X and Y axle distance is X?+Y?=R?. But I cannot change it to the velocity of omni wheels at X and Y axle.
Is there any example or idea about it?
Many thanks for your help!

Get the angle from the centre, and then use the tangent of the circle, to direct the x&y of each wheel.

The easy way to do that, is get the difference of the position of the wheel and the centre of the robot/car,  then simply swap the x and y coordinates around.

That should be the x&y's for each wheel.

Heres a picture of what I mean->

Thanks a lot for your idea.


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