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I haven't tested them out much, so don't know how compatible they are with the $50 Robot or the Axon. But I'm upgrading and will only release future code that works with the latest versions. Report any problems you discover here.

The latest WinAVR December 6, 2008:

The latest AVR Studio:

AVR Studio 4.15 (build 623)  (94 MB, updated 11/08)

AVR Studio 4.14 (build 589)  (89 MB, updated 4/08)

AVR Studio 4.13 SP2 (build 571)  (45 MB, updated 12/07)

AVR Studio 4.16 (build 628)  (126 MB, updated 2/09)

--- Quote ---AVR Studio 4.16 includes new device support and numerous overall enhancements;
AVR QTouch Studio, STK600 support for multiple socket/routing card combinations, Windows Error Reporting (WER) system activated, and JTAGICE mkII command line SW support for XMEGA device family.
--- End quote ---

I'll be using this version from now on, I'll report back only if I find something broken.

I am reporting about a serious bug in AVR Studio 4.16 (build 628).

It is unable to write to the boot section.

AVR Studio 4.15 (build 623) however works fine.

Now if only I can get the last 3 hours of my life back, struggling to figure out why the bootloader wouldn't work on the Axon but everything else did :P

edit: Its fixed in the beta, along with two more bugs related to the ATmega640 (the Axon mcu):

AVR Studio build 638 was released like 2 weeks ago:

AVR Studio 4.16 SP1 (build 638) (34 MB, updated 5/09)

Strangely, AVR Studio isn't requiring registration to download it this time . . . I wonder if my little url hack had anything to do with it ;D

(install 4.16 first, then install the SP1)

fyi - I haven't tried it yet


--- Quote ---AVR Studio 4.17 (build 666) (112 MB, updated 7/09)

AVR Studio 4.17 includes new device support and numerous overall enhancements;
Full AVR ONE! 8-bit support - both programming and debugging, AVR Battery Studio version 1.02, JTAGICE mkII command line SW with support for ELF production file format, and STK500 command line SW with support for ELF production file format.
--- End quote ---


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