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Misc / What is a printed circuit board assembly -FS Technology
« Last post by FSPCBA on Yesterday at 11:54:07 PM »
I believe that many people have come into contact with PCBs in their lives, maybe they have heard them in their lives, or they have seen advertisements. But you may not know much about pcba. In the end what is pcba, what is pcb? Let's take a closer look at the difference between the two.

What is PCBA

The full name of PCBA is Printed Circuit Board +Assembly.That is to say, pcba is the whole process in which pcb goes through SMT on PCB empty board, and then goes through DIP plug-in.

Note: SMT and DIP are a way of integration of parts, the main difference is that SMT does not need to drill holes on the PCB, and in DIP, the PIN pins of the parts need to be inserted into the holes that have been drilled.

Circuit boards produced by FS Technology

SMT is a surface mount technology, FS Technology's process is: PCB board positioning, printing solder paste, placement machine placement, reflow oven and finished product inspection. The full name is "Surface Mount Technology"

The full name of DIP is "Dual In-line Package", that is, "plug-in". Simply put, it is inserting parts on a bare PCB board. Its main production process is: sticking adhesive, plug-in, inspection, wave soldering, printing and finished inspection.

What is PCB

The full name of pcb is "Printed Circuit Board", and the memory card of the "Little Bully" game we played when we were children is a finished product assembled with pcb.

Because it is made by electronic printing, it is called a "printed" circuit board. PCB is an important electronic component in the electronics industry, a support body for electronic components, and a carrier for electrical connection of electronic components. PCBs produced by FS Technology have been widely used in the production and manufacture of electronic products. It is widely used because its unique characteristics are summarized as follows:

3d printer circuit board produced by FS Technology

1. High wiring density, small size and light weight, which is conducive to the miniaturization of electronic equipment.

2. Due to the repeatability and consistency of the graphics, the errors of wiring and assembly are reduced, and the maintenance, debugging and inspection time of the equipment are saved.

3. It is beneficial to mechanized and automated production, which improves labor productivity and reduces the cost of electronic equipment.

4. The design can be standardized, which is convenient for interchange.
Misc / Confused college student
« Last post by FSPCBA on Yesterday at 04:28:43 AM »
This is my first post. I just graduated from college and entered the circuit board industry, but I am not familiar with this industry at all. I studied public utility management in college, I hope someone can give me some advice.
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Misc / ???????????????
« Last post by nalyievi on May 06, 2022, 05:08:00 AM »
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