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Room and object mapping
« on: September 01, 2018, 09:09:59 PM »
I'm starting a new robot, a simple 2 driven wheeled run around for indoors. I have parts for one with a scanning ultrasonic sensor.

I would like it to have some sense of it's surroundings (beyond the limited and dimensional ability of the ultrasonic), the distance to objects and their approximate shapes and sizes. I'm thinking of a simple laser 3D mapper, it would work like this.

A Raspberri Pi with a camera faces straight ahead. A vertical line laser is mounted off to the right side aimed so that it is aimed to cross directly ahead at say 3 feet such that if there is an object at 3' then the camera will detect a vertical line dead center. If the object is closer then the line will shift right, if the object is further the line will shift left.

So, take a snap with no laser, turn the laser on and detect where the line is by looking for pixels that have shifted substantially red.

It seems to me that I am not the first to thing along these lines, the processing required is much less than structured light.

Whose got some directions to point me in? I am a programmer so I can write the glue and tinker but I don't want to start for scratch.