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Title: Hello
Post by: M on February 21, 2017, 05:17:26 AM
Hello. I am a mechanical engineering student. I am very interested in learning robotics. Its a part of my journey to find my passions. Anyways, I don't know where to start. My experience in robotics is that three years ago I made an RC car on aurdino, with wired, wireless controller and also controlled by laptop. I didn't learn the whole language, only the one needed to make the car. The basics. Then, two years ago, I made a line follower and a wall follower two years ago and last year, I learned to make a robotic arm in a seminar by A set. Since all the lessons were in seminars, they were quick and event based. No permanent learning, I hope that makes sense.

 So now I am here. I decided to learn how to make a drone. I read some notes about it and I am not sure what exactly to do in order to start. The first step?? And what is the purpose of learning the kinematics and dynamics of it. Is it helpful in programming? And how to learn programming a quad copter. And is making a quadcopter a good choice? Or should I start with something else?
Edit: Sorry I didn't see the "For the beginners" thread. I still hope that people will help. sorry and thank you.