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Title: [advertisement] New Cascading X-Rail Slide Kit!
Post by: ServoCity on October 13, 2017, 10:28:39 AM
The NEW Cascading X-Rail Slide Kit provides all the mechanical pieces necessary to build a winch-driven extendable arm.  Fasten a motor or HS-785HB servo to the first stage of the slide kit and spool up the provided synthetic cable to get up to 34.5" of arm extension!  This kit uses bearings throughout - each stage is supported by 4 Mini V-Wheels that lock into the chamfered guides of the X-Rail.  The synthetic cable is routed over ultra smooth v-bearings so the torque provided by the servo or motor can be transformed into linear thrust rather than lost due to friction.  The arm, at full extension is rated for a 2lb load; perfect for adding a gripper or grapple hook.