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Author Topic: Rmf calculator  (Read 1596 times)

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Rmf calculator
« on: May 13, 2015, 02:32:26 PM »
I have a doubt about the rmf calculator.

Maybe I'm not understanding it correctly but when I enter the values for a typical servo such as rm4315 continuous, which is 66rpm (6.9 rad/s) and 5 kg-m, I compare it to what I want it to do and it comes out terribly under performing:

I want to move a:

3 lbs robot
3 ft/s
1.5 ft/s2
2 deg incline
75% eff
0.25 dia wheels
2 wheels

I get an rmf value of 0.345 kg m rps

But when I enter the motor values I get an rmf of 0.345.

This barely covers it.  Is this right?


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