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Author Topic: help animating puppet  (Read 1813 times)

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help animating puppet
« on: August 04, 2015, 02:14:10 AM »

I am trying to add animations to a puppet I have similar to the one in this link below, but do not want to pay the kind of money this company is charging

I want to have the following animations

Head Nod (up / down)

Head Rotate (left / right)

Head Tilt (left / right)

Mouth (open / close) I would like the mouth to move in conjunction with a pre recorded script when it is played from an ipod

Body Lean (left / right) Mixed with head motion

Arm Motion (1 shoulder & both elbows)

I would want to have different sets of body movements recorded into the servor control board and be able to remotely select a certain set movements for a particular part of the show.

Any help anyone could give me would be appreciated. Especially on the best place to buy the parts to make the frame to attach all the servos from?

Regards Dave

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Re: help animating puppet
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2015, 08:41:57 AM »
You have a task.

As far as off the shelf parts, Servo City has the best assortment I have seen. They also are a sponsor of this site:


Actobotics is what you want for the armature:


I haven't seen anyone else carry this stuff, or for that matter much like it.

As far as prerecorded motions, I have been working on that but do not have a prototype built yet to test. I do not know what others are doing.

It seems like you desire something more or less off the shelf that requires minimal construction, in fact you desire the product that you can't afford. I believe you will have trouble with that, you have multiple learning curves to overcome. Perhaps someone wishes to collaborate with you.

The head tilt/turn/nod is perhaps the most off the shelf component. There are many offerings for pan/tilt (and sometimes roll) for cameras. You will need one of the larger ones that is capable of carrying a larger camera.


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