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Title: Robotics Competion
Post by: sodiq55 on March 02, 2016, 02:05:17 PM

Hi guys, I am a student at the University of Manchester and I currently raising funds to help me with my robotics project for the competition above (@ ( ) . I will really appreciate any help and donation. Thank you. Please click link to find out more. (
Title: Re: Robotics Competion
Post by: mklrobo on March 02, 2016, 04:20:39 PM
 ;D Hello!
Looks like you got an all terrain rolling robot to make there!  :o
I would assume that they would force your robot to cross all the types of terrains,
in spite of the one you may design your robot for.(Thinking ahead,  ;) )
If it is to get to the finish, then a usage of logistics would be your best bet. This science would
help you divine the best way to get to the target.
As for the design of the robot, far be it for me, to take away your fun! I would consider power consumption
per change or terrain, or multiple trips.
If terrain changes unexpectedly, maybe you could use a flying drone with your base robot to help
navigate the surprise terrain. Good Luck!  ;) :) :D ;D